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25 Years Celebration

25 Years Celebration

How did we celebrate?

Sometimes we celebrated this achievement in a quiet and reflecting manner and other times more flamboyantly.

In August 2013, we set off from our base in Finsbury Park and met outside Sadler’s Wells theatre in Islington to walk all the way to Covent Garden to celebrate the 25 years with members of the school during a special dinner at Neal’s Year restaurant – which at the time was run by a friend of the London School of Capoeira, lovely Helio.

The walk was challenging but fun, from “Auing” in front of cars and “Bananeiring” against a wall to climbing on to London’s Barclays bikes and posing for a group photo – ready and hungry for our dinner. The host of the restaurant was generous and we all left satisfied but not before ending the night with a brilliant Roda with the participation of all, including the keen waiter. Thank you all for coming.

In November 2013 we organized more celebrations with the presence of some of our Capoeira master friends. The energy was uplifting and overwhelming. Master Beija Flor, Master Eduardo, Master Pedreiro, Contra mestre Joelson, Contra Mestre Agnes, Contra Mestre Michel and all the LSC instructors and students came together during a week of workshops and Rodas. On the last day, we were presented with a present from the students which closed the event with golden keys. The present was a film made with several testimonials from past and current students and masters of Capoeira who new Master Marcos and I for over 20 years. The footage not only summarized and confirmed our love for our profession but reminded us of our contribution to the diverse culture that exists in London. Thank you LSC students – you are simply the best!

Master Silvia Bazzarelli – London School of Capoeira

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