Current productions

Current Productions: Double Bill “Play Low” and “Long Haul”

“Long Haul”(2014)

Long Haul captures the journey of one passenger travelling long haul in between two worlds. “Long Haul” offers snap shots of the mundane minutiae of the airport and departure lounge experience and contrasts them with building antecipation and shiny excitment of the new arrival in a long awaited but unfamiliar city.

Performers: Marcos dos Santos, Silvia Bazzarelli and Caterina Violi

Choreography: Silvia Bazzarelli

Music: BlueDrumMusic

Duration: 30 minutes

Performed at: Arts Depot theatre and at the Rich Mix


“Play Low” (2014)

Play Low explores how people today are searching, speeding, ducking and diving, following the yet unknown ultimate satisfaction.
Play Low performers capture these emotions through daring Capoeira fighting & intricate Capoeira “playing” techniques and a
mellow acceptance of movement and temporary end.

“…demonstrates astonishing speed at which capoeira dancers can move,
often improvising in the middle of kinetic movements…” .Metro

Performers: Marcos dos Santos and Silvia Bazzarelli
Choreography: Silvia Bazzarelli
Duration: 30 minutes

Performed at:
The Drum/Birmingham, The Mac/Birmingham, The Island Arts Centre/Belfast, Alnwick Playhouse/Alnwick, Assembly Rooms/Ludlow,
The Place/Telford, The Melina Mercouri Hall/Nicosia/Cyprus,
London: The Jackson’s Lane, The Mermaid Theatre, The Greenwich Maritime Museum and Rich Mix